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Bioinquirer’18 forum is focused in embracing the concept of innovation in order to achieve and transform the education and healthcare sectors. It has proved to be a significant scope of interest in research due to the numerous outcomes it can provide. This year’s initiative paves way for creative and passionate approaches that could lead to an expansion in development of the two key elements.

The SDG Goals

Bioinquirer – Annual Academic sessions are regulated based on the sub-themes of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, the primary focus of the conference will be based on the following highlighted SDGs.

What’s Coming Up

Bioinquirer’18 is a global platform that enables healthcare professionals to enhance knowledge, skills, and competency through opportunities in research, interactive workshops, innovative conferences, and community engagement. It is an exhibition and a platform of research publications for college students with an open opportunity to international universities, that follow the theme to Transform and Collaborate.

​What you should be expecting…..

Innovations in healthcare.

        Opportunities to bring your innovation to life.

         Capabilities and know-how to Innovate.

         Enabling Creative thinking

Opening Ceremony of BioInquirer 16

Presentations during the Conference

Closing Ceremony proceedings of BioInquirer 16

Download the Journal to read the abstracts on the researches submitted during BioInquirer’ 18

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